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Renatus, USA

Kiprosh client | Renatus, USA
  • Renatus is one of our esteemed client since November 2015. Renatus selected Kiprosh to design and build a new, integrated web application to expand and replace the company’s core systems. The web application utilizes Event Sourcing and a CQRS framework. Kiprosh is also developing iOS and Android mobile applications for core ERP of Renatus.

About Renatus

  • Renatus is an entrepreneurial education company that teaches wealth creation through business ownership and real estate investing. Renatus offers what many consider to be the most comprehensive, relevant real estate investment courses in the United States. Students can view 48 classes taught by 23 practitioner instructors who earn their day to day living as investors and/or industry support experts. Renatus has taught thousands of individuals how to make money investing in today's real estate market. In an effort to support students in the application of Renatus instruction, the company has established investor communities across the country. Investor communities are made up of individual students who encourage and support one another in achieving financial freedom through real estate investing. Renatus has created the curriculum, software, coaching, and processes to help students realize success. Our motto: "If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best!"
Todd Nichols

Kiprosh has been key in helping us completely replace our core systems. The project team is very professional and is comprised of development and QA craftsmen in the USA and India. The team practices a form of agile Scrum, breaking work into one week iterations with daily stand up meetings to coordinate the effort. We are very grateful for our relationship with Kiprosh and the role the team plays in helping us become the best at what we do.

Todd NicholsVice President, Renatus, USA