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Hi Everyone,

Writing something after a very long time. I always wonder as to on what topic should I write as I'm amidst the best techies and knowledgeable members in office currently. I feel that technical wise you guys share a very good learning stuff here on Knowbuddy. But when it comes from an HR perspective, there are hardly any technical terms that HR's use.HR is basically connected with understanding human psychology and accordingly helping employees to solve all their queries and...

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Hi Everyone..!! All of us have dreams to accomplish so many things in our lives..!! There are many instances in which we face difficulties in fulfilling our dreams and sometimes we just let go those dreams due to irritation or frustration that we go through due to those difficulties. But Dreams are one of the reasons for which we live life for and letting them go without fulfilling them is a big heart break..!! I would request all of you to never forget your dreams and kindly go through this...

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enter image description hereHello Everyone,

I am excited to start this new journey as my role of HR Executive in Kiprosh 2.0 initiative and I hope I live upto your expectations. This is my very first week and I am happy to know you all during introductions.

This is my very first blog post here and I thought to share this very interesting story that I came across.

In 1968, Spencer Silver was working at 3M trying to create super strong adhesives for use in the aerospace industry in building planes.

Instead of a super...

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