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I was facing an issue while working on one of my Ember Apps. Issue was like, Ember data store was not updating the record after receiving the response from backend.

So whenever user visit the page, it was showing the old data of that record from Ember-Data store. After some searching I found that Ember-data by default doesn't re-request data that is already present in Ember-data store.

If parent route's model has loaded an array of objects then the child route that requires specific object...

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Currently I've been working on writing acceptance test cases for my project in which there were lot of scenarios where I'd to use mocking/stubbing for which I used MockJax plugin of jquery.

So I'm sharing some examples which might be useful to someone.

A simple mock request using mockjax plugin can be written as

 url: '/posts/1',
 responseTime: 500,
 responseText: {
 status: 'success',
 post: 'Mockjax Plugin for mocking or simulating ajax...

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Side Loading

Ember Data supports “sideloading” of data; i.e., indicating that data should be retrieved (along with the primary data requested) so as to help multiple related HTTP requests.

A common use case is sideloading associated models. For example, each Shop has many groceries, so we can include all related groceries in /shops response:

GET /shops
 "shops": [
 "id": "14",
 "groceries": ["98", "99", "112"]


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Darshan Chauhan

Ember-Data is a library for managing model data in Ember.js applications. It provides many of the facilities you’d find in server-side object relational mappings (ORMs) like ActiveRecord, but is designed specifically for the unique environment of JavaScript in the browser.

When an API is represented using Ember Data models, adapters and serializers, each association simply becomes a field name. This encapsulates the internal details of each association, thereby insulating the rest of your...

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We've one Blogging application and whenever User post a new Article we wanted to show that to whom his/her post is delivered, who has opened a post or clicked.. events like that. So that User will know how many people are reading his/her post and also how often.

We were already using services of Sendgrid. Now Sendgrid provides different APIs for different purposes. Some of them I'm listing below.


Now, We needed EVENT WEBHOOK API for...

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