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CKEditor is a Rich text editor which is used in web applications to write email content, HTML content, templates etc. It provides many features to edit the text like styles, formatting (bold, italic, underline), HTML formatting, alignment options etc. We (QA Team) got a chance to test CKEditor when it was integrated with Realvolve. We created a scenario sheet for each day of testing. We had daily meetings with Dev team to discuss which features from CKEditor are going to deploy for next 1-2...

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Rasika Tambitkar

While development, a software application is divided into different logical or functional modules for better management. When each module is developed, it is also tested for functionality known as Unit testing. Once all modules are developed and they are integrated and Integration testing is carried out to discover the issues which arise as different modules are interacting with each other. Generally speaking, this phase is also called the System Integration Testing.

There are several kinds...

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