Hero’s Journey Retrospective

We had an awesome retrospective session recently. As the topic of this retro was little different, everyone in the team was excited. The retrospective was about the Hero's Journey , where we discussed about our journey relating to the current project state.

Running Retrospective:

1). Our first focus was to understand areas of our journey.

So we came up with the following areas :

Hero : Who completed/working on the major features.

Guide : Who guides to complete...

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Recently we had a good Retrospective. I loved the outcome of this retrospective. First we had an Ice breaker session, Empathy Snap followed by PLEASURE AND GAIN retrospective.

Empathy Snap Is a nice Ice breaking team building exercise. We did empathy snap for the big hitter +big blow and through this exercise team really came to know, how well they can empathise with each other So it was a nice start, everyone opened up and ready for the retrospective.

Joy is not in things; it is in us.


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