It was normal Monday like every week. I got my laptop and pressed the Power button then I remembered that I had not Suspended(Hibernated) my machine but instead had shut it down last Friday to make sure the memory is not occupied and system runs faster .

Now the problem with shutting down is, I have to start eight different servers to get my Crossroad's apps up and running. Just for this reason ,I refrained from Shutting Down my machine every day and instead chose to Suspend which would save...

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1) What is Zapier ?

Zapier is an easiest way to do automation as their tagline says “superpower to get your work done”. Its a Web-App which allows different web apps to communicate amongst themselves very easily.

This communication between two apps, is called a zap, associate a pair(trigger and action) with each zap.

Example: Say you receive an email from a very important source, and want to notified quickly and create an event/task in your calendar to perform action related to email. This...

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Mechanize - Advantages

Basically mechanize is capable of navigating through the websites by logging into the site by form submission, clicking the links, maintaining session data, capturing the redirects.

We can use this series of scripts to perform a desired operation in a Web application through mechanize script.

Mechanize - Missing parts

Right now mechanize doesn't support the javascript execution within the mechanize, So mechanize team is adding javascript support to mechanize...

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I recommend we start using "guard" to automate running specs in background. And to extend it further to trigger specs automatically when we change certain views and requests based on our choice.

Refer this video -