Recently while working on one of our project we came across requirement where we wanted Hubspot integration with our application for ease of sales team to manage user's data and understand their interactions and trends in application. I will quickly explain few things about Hubspot here in my article.

What is Hubspot?

In brief, Hubspot is a CRM which helps you monitor and fine tune many things regarding your application. Based on my analysis I will shortly list down few most important of them...

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Rails provides three types of caching techniques:
* page caching
* action caching
* fragment caching

The railsguideson_caching is the best place to know how it works.

This article is to demonstrate fragment caching the Rails Way with various data-stores and clearing those cached fragments on ActiveRecord callbacks on CRUD operations.

Rails ActiveSupport::Cache::Store is responsible to do all the read and write operations.

1. The setup

By default caching is disabled in rails. You will find the...

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I thought to create a quick tip post which is kind of lesson learnt, so that every time I learn something can add here and which could help others too.

These examples here are not something I have created to support the points which I have mentioned below. Whereas these are the real code snippets of a project. Where team has written code in this manner and given feedback to improve their code.

So I thought it would be better if I write a Lesson learnt post which could help other to be aware...

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