Leadership is the most talked about and discussed topic in corporate world today. Everyone have their own definition of good leader but based on personal experience, I believe the below mentioned points highlights the key characteristics of a successful leader.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” - John C Maxwell

  1. Efficient Communicator: A good leader should know what to say, when to say and whom to say. It is very important that leader effectively…

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This article shows the very basic application set up required to host a rails application with Angular 5 framework

Angular - Is a modern javascript framework for building web application in javascript,html and type script(super script of javascript)

Such kind of working will have two separate servers. One server will be hosting rails part and the second server will be hosting the angular part. The HTTP request raised will have a different origin header, than that of the server hosted, and…

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When you make a Slack Bot, Slack provides you with client_id and 'client_key` . Using these , we can authenticate incoming requests to add our Bot to any Slack Workspace. Workspace here means any slack subdomain or a Slack team.

Once the incoming Workspace request in authenticated, Slack API provides us with the team access_tokens. Which can be used to access the concerned workspace to listen and respond back in any added channel or DM.

While making this Bot, I was a little curious to know if…

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In this article we are going to have look at some methods of Ember.computed class which helps you to refactor code or write more readable code. And most importantly if ember provides its own methods then why to write code with number of lines to do same thing.

Ember.computed class documentation: Ember.computed

getEach: This method returns all the values for attributes passed as argument.

var names = []

This can be…

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Routing is one of the toughest thing to Implement in Single Page App In React Ecosystem it is pretty much industry standard to use React Router to do routing. React Router have nice API and pleasant to work with but there few Issue that I faced while using React router

If you have declared component and it is not rendering It could be below three Issues.

  • First, if you are using any state management solutions like Redux or Mobx if you have assigned different components to render in a…

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I personally love this combination of iTerm2 + ZSH + Oh-my-zsh.

iTerm2 is an amazing terminal, I always prefer it over macOS default terminal. If you want to install it then just go to iTerm2 site , download it and install It has many advantages over macOS default terminal. Some of those are, easy finder you can easily search for the text in terminal, nice autocomplete feature, split panes, paste history and many more. I would highly recommend it and you can explore all of its highlighting

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Firstly, we all might have or might not have heard about migration files. It's okay let me share you something. For that we should have some basic knowledge regarding migration.

what are the migration files and their purpose?

Migrations are used to modify your database schema over time and to tell the database about expected structure to have Phoenix provides many helpers for migrating the database, allowing developers to use Elixir to alter their storage in a way that is database…

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In previous articles, we have seen how to setup droplet on DO and installation of Nginx with the passenger Capistrano provides you advanced tools to deploy your applications on the web server. It also allows you to perform pre and post-deployment steps such as restarting a web server, running migrations, deleting cache, etc. You can also write your custom task to run while deployment Capistrano takes your code from version control such as Git and copies it onto your server via SSH. In this…

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As a Developer, you have many challenges while you are working with many environments and endpoint in the same project. Without environment setup, you have to set the endpoint and certificate every time for a different environment. If we Configure Xcode for the different environment, It takes care of all endpoint, certificate and bundle ids. so the user can test all beta, dev and live app on the same device.

So, let's start with creating Endpoint

Endpoint Configuration

The first thing that…

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Slack API provides Slack Incoming Webhook to easily send data on slack in real time. We just need to follow some steps and we are ready to send messages on slack.

Setup Slack Incoming Webhook Integration into the slack workspace: On page we can see the form to create Incoming Webhook Integration. Select channel on which you want to send a notification from the dropdown or you can create a new channel by clicking on the link create new channel.

enter image description here

Configuration Setting: After submitting the form…

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One of our production web application runs on a dedicated node in DO (Digital Ocean) cloud server. This web application has following services running.

  • Elixir Phoenix API server
  • React.js client server
  • Redis caching server
  • Bots (Slack)

Few days back, Digital Ocean triggered an urgent maintenance for Meltdown and Spectre Mitigations resulting into a reboot of our PROD server. DO did alert us in advance by sending an email notification with schedules. But seems we missed these schedules…

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In the previous article we had seen how to install Umbraco in visual studio. In this article we will discuss about the concepts needed to start creating web site and publishing content.

To create content and pages we must know 3 basic elements in Umbraco:

1. Document type:

It refers to type of content to be stored. Document type contains different property editors like rich text editor, media picker, content picker and grid editor. Property editors define what kind of data is to be stored…

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Although nowadays we have Email, SMS services integrated in most of web applications, sometimes there could be need of documentation for future reference which users may want to reuse later based on their need. Similar requirement we had in one of our web application where we wanted to provide option to user to generate single or bulk PDF files out of any HTML templates they have in their account. There was different features around the generation of PDF document but major work was involved in…

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To start with lets us take up the two most important questions, “What” and “Why

What is Repository Pattern?

Repository pattern is basically a layer to separate the Data access logic, thus avoiding duplication of Data Access Logic. It has direct access to Database, ORM etc. The repository behaves like a collection of data to which we can add, delete and update objects.

Why use Repository Pattern?

Let us take the example of an MVC application with Entity Framework, now in case of a basic

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So to start with, most important Concept, that is misunderstood as an unnecessary task by most of the developers – Unit Testing!!!

First, let us understand why it is very necessary for a developer to write unit test cases?


  • The most basic reason why test cases are written is, when we work in a team, many developers are contributing to the code base, and sometimes even on same modules In such scenarios, if any developer checks-in a piece of code that breaks the functionality of…

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JavaScript modules are the most used design pattern to keep your code separate from your components which provides loose coupling to your code.

Modules are JavaScript classes, which provides protection of states and behaviours from being accessed by other classes. The module pattern allows for public and private access levels.

This is how the code looks like:

(function() {

    // declare private variables and/or functions

    return {
      // declare public variables and/or functions

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Recently, we have to build an Admin dashboard for an e-commerce application. This involves adding stores, items their photos and other data typically needed for managing the data from admin side for non technical people. Since, we are using rails framework so we had two options that are best suitable as per our need administrate and active admin. The former is very popular recently as it has several advantages over the latter. Unlike active admin you don't have to understand the DSL. It's very…

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enter image description here

Installation of Umbraco in Visual Studio

Introduction to Umbraco: Umbraco is an open source content management system developed using C#. It follows the MVC pattern. If you know C# and MVC you can easily learn umbraco. ‘U’ offers us following feature for developing and maintaining our website :

  • Full control over design, markup and version control of all contents
  • Ability to schedule content publishing
  • Simple editing and publishing
  • Support for localization
  • Provides workflow and event…

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We all know, Comments are every where Blogs, Social Networking sites, e-learning forums etc.

In this article, we've got an Article model and we want to create a nested commenting system onto that. Such that Article can have comments, comments can have replys, replys can have more replys and so on.

For example -

This is an article
     This is an comment
         this is a reply
             this is a reply's reply
                 .... (so on)
      This is another comment.

Now, we're going…

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In my previous post, we discussed how we were able to sync our files and folders with Google Drive. You can refer the post here - Once we were done with the sync setup - next step is to ensure sync was accurate and timely i.e changes made in our application are accessed instantly in Google and more important changes made in Google are available in our application. We needed this without an impact on the…

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